Wine is the Way to Go

When we go to the wine vineyards to do some wine tasting we always like to bring along a few canvas bags to bring back bottles of wine with us. We’ve been to Napa Valley a few times and we always get carried away and get drunk as a skunk while we’re walking and driving through the valley.

I love to go to Vineyards and see all of the grapes in rows, it just makes me happy. Every time we go it’s like I have an out-of-body experience it is so cool! we have to test the wine when it’s just the right temperature for drinking, if it’s a little bit too warm or too cold you don’t get the correct flavor, and you can’t get a feel for whether you’re going to like the wine when it’s the right temperature.

We love to hang out in Napa Valley for a few days and grab a really nice room to stay in, we stay in bed a lot and play but we also go out to all the Vineyards that we can get our little hand on end test every wine under the sun or that’s ever been made in Napa Valley.